Triple Digit Communications     "Lower Telecom Costs... Increase Productivity."
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Triple Digit Communications F.A.Q.s

·         Q: How Much Does Triple Digit Charge?

o   A: NOTHING.  We act on your behalf… Think of us as your free consultant or specialists.


·         Q: Will I get a separate bill if I use Triple Digit Communications?

o   A1: No.  You will receive your invoice direct from the carrier / service provider.

o   A2: Triple Digit Communications is NOT a Reseller and We are NOT a Re-biller…


·         Q: Why Should I use Triple Digit Communications instead of going direct to the Carrier / Service Provider?

o   A1: Triple Digit Communications works with 70+ Carriers and Service Providers so we are un-biased and can Shop for the best solution based on costs, network availability, service and scalability.

o   A2: Triple Digit Communications has over 26 years of experience within the Telecommunications industry designing networks and solutions for SMBs to Fortune 100 customers.  We also have experience in most vertical market applications.

o   A3: Triple Digit Communications can also renew your existing carrier / service provider.  After we have completed our *research and audit, and if we decide you are already set-up with the best solution available, we can still help you by monitoring your service and renewing your service when your agreement reaches end-of-life.

§  * research and audit = Triple Digit Communications uses a “Blind RFI” process where we gather the customer’s relevant information and send a request for pricing and solution information to several carriers and service provider. The customer’s: name, address, phone number, existing vendor info., and calling patterns are not included in the information sent in the Blind RFI; therefore, the information received is true and we have found this forces the vendors and service providers to always provide their best solution/pricing. 

§  Triple Digit Communications saves our customers, on average, 15-40% on their telecommunications’ spend.  


·         Q: What if My Company Needs Customer Service… Who Do I call?

o   A1: Just like your billing/invoice… you will be contacting the carrier direct.  Triple Digit Communications will make sure you have all the contact information you need from the carrier / service provider.

o   A2: In many cases, because of our high-level agreement with the carrier / service provider; Triple Digit Communications’ customers will receive a higher level of customer care along with special toll-free and/or back office contact information for the carrier / service provider.


·         Q: Do you touch our equipment or computers? 

o   A: NO.  Again, we work for you and with you to help design the best solution.  Our goal is to help you save money and increase your productivity.  If we can’t help you, that means you are already set-up with the best possible business telecom scenario.”


·         Q: What do we need, in order to work with Triple Digit Communications?

o   A1: You will need the following:

§  A desire to either save money on your telecommunications’ and/or increase your productivity through a more efficient process and/or network design.

§  Our initial consultation will require approximately 60 minutes of your time. 

§  We also ask that you provide us with 1-3 months worth of all telecommunications bill copies for: local access, LD, voice, data (Internet), video, wireless, conferencing etc…

§  If you have any network maps/designs i.e. Layer 3 network maps, we would like to have copies as well.

o   A2: Because we work with virtually all carriers / service providers… please allow for sufficient research time.  If your company needs to make changes immediately, please let us know and we can expedite our process and still provide the quality and service you deserve.

o   A3: Some customers use Triple Digit Communications to simply renew exiting contract agreements, add-on services and upgrade… this way we can save you several man-hours of negotiations and the pain of working with many of the complicated legalities.  As your advocate, this also tends to insure elimination of waste and un-needed add-ons… “We keep your carriers/service provider honest!”