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About Us

Business Telecom Brokerage Firm

Triple Digit Communications is a Business Telecommunications Brokerage firm & Integrator, specializing in FREE Consulting services with a focus on lowering business telecommunications costs, increasing productivity and bringing your business state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Experienced Staff

Our staff is very experienced and diversified with over 30 years of providing telecommunications solutions for companies ranging from single proprietors to Fortune 100 enterprises.  Our expertise covers all areas of communications; from Hosted Cloud Solutions to Mobile/Cellular to Video Teleconferencing and much more.  

We also specialize in many vertical industries including: Healthcare, Education, Government, Manufacturing, Aerospace and more.

Competitive Pricing - Savings

Our job is to Lower Telecom Costs and Increase Productivity through better, more efficient, technology by soliciting multiple vendors for the best and latest pricing.  Triple Digit Communications has agreements in place with over 162 Carriers, Service Providers and Equipment Vendors. 

Because of our negotiated agreements... we can leverage discounts which, save our clients anywhere from 20-60% off of their existing legacy solutions.


Free Telecommunications Consulting

Our expert consulting services are FREE because we have negotiated high-level agreements with over 150 telecom vendors who pay Triple Digit Communications to represent their companies. Because of our access to so many vendors... we have more choices to offer our customers (our competition usually has 1 - 5 vendors to choose from.)

Solutions - Products & Services

Triple Digit Communications Specializes in providing the following Products & Services:

  • Cloud - Hosted voice and data
  • Unified Communications (UCaaS)
  • Mobile Wireless (Cellular) from all vendors
  • Video Teleconferenceing / AV
  • Networking - LAN, WAN, SD-WAN, MPLS and more
  • Equipment - Phones, Audio Visual, Servers, APs etc...
  • Disaster Recovery &  Security
  • We will also offer basic services such as: POTs, Internet, Cable,  WiFi etc...

Methodology & Process

Our process begins with an initial FREE assessment where we do the following:

  • Learn about your business' operations including future Goals & Objectives.
  • Inventory your existing solution (all locations) - phone counts & types, APs, Data Outlets. (Yes... we will peak into your phone room(s)).  We will also need a copy of your existing invoices and contracts for review.

  1. After compiling the data... we request pricing and Scopes of Work from 10-15 vendors.
  2. After the data is returned from the relevant vendors, we return to present our findings in a report showing all solutions and recommending our best & final telecom vendor choices.
  3. Once the Best Solution is chosen, Triple Digit Communications will compile all necessary contracts & agreements from the vendors.
  4. We monitor all conversions and installations and will be involved in all vendor meetings.
  5. Once your solution is installed, tested & working properly, we will provide a list of relevant contacts & escalation procedures from the vendor(s) of choice.
  6. Once you receive your first invoice... Triple Digit Communications will review with you to make sure everything is to your liking.
  7. We would also recommend regularly scheduled reviews to make sure your business is always using the best solution.  

Contact Us

We're Here to Help - Contact us to schedule a free assessment or to inquire about our services.

Triple Digit Communications

Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona... servicing all of the US as well as many international locations.

(480) 393-0550


Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm

Saturday - Sunday: By Appointment

Our Partners

F.A.Q.s from Clients of Triple Digit Communications

"How much does Triple Digit Communications Charge"?

Nothing!  We are a Business Telecommunications Integrator and Brokerage firm.  You hire us for FREE and we work on your behalf.

"Will I receive a separate invoice or bill if I use Triple Digit Communications?"

No.  You will receive your invoice directly from the carrier, service provider or vendor.  Triple Digit Communications is NOT a Reseller or Re-biller...

"Why should we use Triple Digit Communications? Can't we work directly with a Telecom vendor?"

Of course you can... if you have enough time and patience to work with ALL of them.  And of course some of their sales staff is not as experienced as Triple Digit Communication's Staff.  Of course they're all going to tell you each of their solutions are the best for your business.

  • Triple Digit Communications works with over 150 Carriers, Service Providers and telecom vendors; therefore, we are un-biased and can search for the best solution based on Costs, Network Availability, Service, Quality and Scalability.
  • Triple Digit Communications has over 30 years of experience within the Telecommunications industry, designing networks and solutions for SMBs to Fortune 100 Clients.  We also have expertise in most vertical markets and applications.
  • Triple Digit Communications can also negotiate and renew your existing carrier/service provider, if applicable. After we have completed our research and audit, and if we feel your company is already set-up in the best possible solution, we can still help by monitoring your services and renewing them when your current agreement reaches end-of-life status

"What if we experience a problem or need to call customer care... Who do we contact?"

Triple Digit Communications does not want to add an additional layer so, we will provide you with the chosen vendor's relevant contact list (including escalations) Most of our negotiated agreements include Tier 2 and/or special customer Care for Triple Digit Communications... this way you won't have to wait on-line with a generic toll-free customer care representative.  Please contact us after you have contacted the carrier and established a trouble ticket so we can help you track any issues.

"Will Triple Digit Communications need to touch our equipment or computers?"

No.  Again, we work for you and with you to help design the best solution(s).  "Our Charter is to help your company reduce telecom costs and increase your productivity through our deep vendor agreements and technical expertise."

"What do we need, in order to work with Triple Digit Communications?"

You will need the following:

  • A desire to either lower you telecom costs and/or increase your productivity through a more efficient process and/or network design.
  • Our initial consultation & assessment will require 60 minutes of your time and we would also like to have your existing vendor's invoices, contracts and any network drawings they may have provided.